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I should lose fat or gain muscle? What first?

      I should gain muscle or lose fat?                                          

Most of you guys are beginners, you can build muscle and lose fat at same time for a
particular period because your body is still adapting.

Before I tell you about it, let me clear that if you want to build muscle you must be willing to gain some fat. And if you want to lose fat you must be willing to not be able to gain muscle but you can minimize muscle loss and maximize fat loss if you are taking enough amount of protein.

Before giving yourself a satisfactory which will be wrong in most of the cases, you must know your body fat percentage. There must be equipments in your fitness centre to calculate BFP or you can buy a handy one online.  

So,now  you have calculated your BFP. Now you can get answer of your question. If you have BFP more than 15% then you should go for fat loss first and if it less than 15% then you can go for muscle building.

As simple as that just get your BFP calculated and you have the answer. Thinner the layer of fat will be above your muscle tissue easier it will be for you to gain muscle. Layer of fat act as a wall for your muscle , thicker this wall will be harder it will be for your muscle to gain. So before getting swole , lose that gooey substance covering your guns and giving you man boobs. 


Body fat calculator clip (india)CLICK HERE

Body fat calculater clip (international) – CLICK HERE

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How to use body fat calculater clip –

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