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Free fat loss diet plan


Fat loss is easy and too make it much more easier here I am.
Before following this diet plan please keep in mind few things. Every individual has different weight , height, metabolic rate. Therefore amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat will vary from person to person.

First of all you need to calculate your maintenance calories.
1 gram of protein = 4 kcal
1 gram of carb = 4 kcal
1 gram of fat = 9 kcal
Start your Week 1 with “Maintenance calories”
After using the “Calorie Calculator”..
For example: If Maintenance Calories comes= 2500 kcal then,
Week 1 = 2500 kcal is your starting point (calorie limit).
Macro setup for WEEK 1 to WEEK 4
PROTEIN= 1.2 * (per pound body weight)
CARBOHYDRATES= 1.9 * (per pound body weight)
For example –
A person with A CALORIE limit = 2500kcal and BODY WEIGHT: 73kg (160 lbs).
PROTEIN= 1.2 * 160 (per pound body weight) = 192 grams = 786kcal {Since, 1gm protein=
CARBOHYDRATES= 1.9 * 160 (per pound body weight) = 304 grams = 1216kcal {Since, 1gm
carb= 4kcal}
FATS = 2500- (786+1216) = 516kcal = 57 grams {Since, 1gm fat= 9kcal}

Meal plan –


Meal 1 [OAT MEAL]


60g Oats
-10g cashews + 10g walnuts or almonds
-Half apple OR half banana
-40 g blue berries or Rash berries or Grapes
-Sprinkle cinnamon
-1tb spoon peanut butter (100% Natural)

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Recipe –

Cook oats in a microwave for 3-4 minutes. Add 1 scope of whey protein and mix it well. Put half apple or banana. Add berries. Sprinkle cinnamon on it. You can eat peanut butter as it is or you can mix after the oats are cooked.



Omelette (1 whole +5 EGG white)
-1 CUP Spinach
-Chopped onions 2 spoon
-Whole wheat/meal bread 2 slice
Half orange
-Green Tea 1 bag

fat loss , free fat loss diet plan ,high protein omelette

Recipe –

Take a non-stick pan and put a little olive oil in it. Put egg whites and a whole egg in it with spinach and onions. Cook for 4-5 mins on medium heat. Toast 2 pieces of whole wheat bread and your meal is ready. Have orange with it for some vitamin C. Green tea is optional.


Ingredients –

120g Brown Rice (COOKED)
-3 eggs (1 whole+ 2 whites)
-1tb SPOON pasta Sauce OR  Barbeque sauce (no sugar)
-120g Chicken breast OR Soya chunks or Tofu (Add BROCOLI, bell pepper and onions on
fried rice)
-Ginger, Garlic and green chillies.

fat loss , free fat loss diet plan, high protein

Recipe –

Cook brown rice. On other hand cook 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg. Mix rice and eggs and add sauce of your choice. Grill chicken breast with your favourite seasoning and add it into the mixture. Saute some veggies witb ginger , garlic and chillies and add it into fried rice.


Meal 4 [RICE CAKE]

3 rice cakes or 2 slice whole wheat bread.
-60g low fat high protein yogurt







-2.5 g creatine monohydrate
-5g BCAA

Intra workout (during workout)


-10g BCAA

…………. WORKOUT………………

Post workout

-5g creatine monohydrate
-1 scoop whey Isolate or Blend or concentrate protein.

Note: If you work out in MORNING then, Have MEAL 1 at least 1 hour before your workout
and take your pre workout with it.

Meal 5 [cheese blast]

Ingredients –

-200g Low fat cottage cheese

-Chopped onions 2 spoons
-oregano [ any other seasoning]
-Chopped tomato 2 spoons
-Cucumber and Lettuce (or Cabbage)
– cooked kidney beans

fat loss , free fat loss diet plan , high protein , low carb

Recipe –

Take cottage cheese and cut it into small pieces and add a
½ tea spoon of olive oil on it to coat the cheese and add oregano on it.
Saute onion and tomato. Mix the veggies with cheese and add kidney beans and garnish it with coriander.

Here you go. This is just an example. You have to alter this plan according to your need.

Do not change the supplementation unnecessarily. Do check our more diet plans. They are all free and tested.

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